You are God’s greatest gift

You are God’s gift and your life priceless…

Have you ever thought that you are worthless. When you cursed all for your problems? When the world seemed meaningless?? Yes, it has happened to all of us or at least most of us. Those times are very hard, hard on us and those around us too who silently suffer our wrath!

Whenever I felt lonely and felt that my miseries have singled me out, I just remembered that I am not alone. God is just beside me. I always say this to myself when I am down,” No matter what others say or how others treat me, I am an asset to the world, God has created me for a purpose and let me just fulfil that and forget all the miseries and hardships on my way”. Easier said than done, you might think. Just try it and you’ll never complain. It has worked for me every single time!!!

When there is a whole world out there that loves me and willing to embrace me, why should I bother about a handful few who try to make my life miserable? They are just not worth my attention. My life is too precious to be wasted in petty squabbles!!

 “I am God’s gift and my life priceless…”

And this is my secret to happiness in the face of shortcomings!!!



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